About Us:

Souq Baladna is an e-commerce platform that makes available a variety of handmade goods, from handicrafts to embroidery, from all the governorates of Jordan. We provide access to artisanal goods, manufactured by talented craftsmen and craftswomen, which are rarely found at the retail level, to a wide online customer base.

In English, Souk Baladna, means "our country's market"; a place where one can browse the many different items available in our country, each having behind it a distinctive style that reflects the unique cultural heritage of our artisans, and more generally our region, whether Jordanian, Palestinian, Syrian, Iraqi, or any other Middle Eastern ethnicity found in the many-faceted cultural tapestry of Jordan.

What this platform offers to the culturally rich ethnicities of our manufacturers is a window of opportunity for them to get the attention they deserve, by capitalizing on their hard work and effort, through the provision of an easily-accessible market, or rather "souk", and a hassle-free delivery service, where these items are sent right to your door step.


Souq Baladna